It's raining again

Who cares. When summer is gone, we get going.

This is the time of year, call it the off-season, when we grow and build (maybe that is the same thing in our book).

This is the time, when we cover up and get in to the gym, hit it hard and get that beach body ready in time for spring, next year.

There is lots to do, but most people miss the opportunity. As the nights draw in and the weather turns, most people hide away in their warm, comfortable homes. It isn't until spring, when they come out of hibernation, back to the gym and start working at building and striping away the surplus, gained over the winter months. The thing is, they never seem to be able to do both at the same time and most go through the rest of the warmer months, frustratingly, never being the best they know they can be.

You see, those who look the best in the warmer months have worked all winter to create the body they wanted.

So don't get left behind. Don't miss the opportunity. Training is not an outdoor sport, it can be done in a gym, so the weather shouldn't stop you.

Get in to the gym. Train hard and look your best for the summer months to come.

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